How To Trace Absconded Tenants

Track and Trace

Locate absconded tenants quickly and efficiently on a “no trace – no fee” basis.

TraceSure offers a quick and reliable ‘No Find – No Fee’ service to those seeking to locate missing or absconded individuals in the UK.

Tracesure uses cutting edge technology paired with extensive expertise to maximise the chance of locating the individual and boasts over a 90% success rate on cases.

How To Trace Absconded Tenants

Do you really want to pay for an expensive private investigator or spurious trace agents who want fees regardless of them getting a good result?

A no trace – no fee basis is provided with Tracesure and they can find your missing person in minutes getting the results to you fast. The cost for all of this is only £50.

What Our Partners Can Track and Trace For You

  • Absconded tenants
  • Missing relatives or Friends
  • Tracing ‘gone away’ debtors
  • Non-CSA paying parents
  • It’s Fast & Easy

Payments are only taken when the person in question is successfully located. Our exclusive services assures total discretion.

Tracesure regularly traces:

  • Absconded Debtors
  • Missing Persons
  • Absent Parents
  • Lost relatives
  • CSA Payment evaders

Whatever your requirement, call the Tracesure Team now on 0844 875 4066 or visit

Featured Track and Trace Agency Partner

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Tracesure’s unique ‘no trace – no fee’ services, is used by thousands of entities across the UK, EU and even further afield to search for and locate individuals not wishing to be found or that have simply relocated without informing the relevant parties or even family members.

Tracesure can track down the most elusive of people using their specialist resources and network of field contacts.